So Pleased with Our Experience

My wife and I were preparing for our 1st child we were excited about the process of setting up our new nursery and getting the kids bathroom finished. We had a lot of questions because we were concerned with fumes and paint smell for my wife but also because of all that we had read about paint and VOCs etc. As a first time parent we wanted to make sure we did the best for our child. Dan and his crew came in to estimate the job and they were very respectful and professional. They understood our concerns and helped us pick out the right paint and finish to use for each Room and they made us comfortable that we had made the right choices. They were very accommodating of our schedule when choosing the date to do the work. When Jorge and the painters came in they were equally professional and courteous, and they did an amazing job. They made sure to cover everything thoroughly so that our furniture and new carpet didn’t get a single drop of paint on it. Once they were complete, they followed up and made sure that everything looked just right! We were so pleased with our experience with Southern paint and solutions that we would definitely use them again and we have recommended them to a lot of our friends.

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